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Types of Mounting Hardware

When it comes to mounting hardware, selecting the right type is crucial for a secure and reliable installation. At GTA Wall Mounting, we prioritize using high-quality materials that cater to different mounting needs. Let’s explore the common types of mounting hardware we use:


Brackets provide the foundational support for many installations, especially for TV and home theater setups. Their robust design ensures that your devices stay firmly in place.


We use various screws, each tailored to the specific surface and material we’re working with. Choosing the right screws is paramount to the safety and stability of the mounted device.


Clips are often used for managing wires or securing smaller devices with minimal visual impact. They’re essential for a clean and organized installation.


Clamps offer a versatile solution for attaching equipment to poles, rails, or edges, commonly used in security camera installations and outdoor mounting setups.

Mounting Techniques

Utilizing various techniques allows us to cater to the unique needs of each space and device. We’ve mastered several methods:

Wall Mounting

Our most requested service, wall mounting, involves securely attaching devices to the wall. It’s ideal for TVs, monitors, speakers, and more, providing a sleek look and saving space.

Ceiling Mounting

Ceiling mounting is perfect for projectors and surround sound speakers, creating an immersive home theater experience without taking up valuable floor or wall space.

Under Desk Mounting

Under desk mounting is a great way to manage and hide cables and hardware, such as power strips or external drives, keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Electronic Device Mounting

Our expertise extends to mounting a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring they’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing:

TV Mounting

Our professional TV installation service guarantees a secure mounting, optimal viewing angles, and a clutter-free environment, enhancing your viewing experience.

Monitor Mounting

Similar to TVs, properly mounting monitors can free up desk space and place the screen at an ergonomically correct height, reducing neck and eye strain.

Speaker Mounting

Mounting speakers, whether for a home theater setup or multi-room audio system, allows for optimal sound distribution and integration into the living space without clutter.

Outdoor Mounting

Outdoor installations pose unique challenges, from weather resistance to secure fixings. Here’s how we tackle outdoor mounting:

Exterior Wall Mounting

Used for security cameras, outdoor lights, or entertainment systems, exterior wall mounting requires durable hardware and thoughtful placement to withstand the elements.

Fence Mounting

Mounting on fences is often used for outdoor cameras or decorative lighting. The key is selecting hardware that can securely attach to varying fence materials without causing damage.

Vehicle Mounting

Vehicle mounts are all about convenience and accessibility, providing a safe way to use devices on the go:

Bike Mounting

We offer solutions to securely attach smartphones or action cameras to bikes, enhancing the riding experience with easy access to navigation or recording capabilities.

Roof Rack Mounting

For adventure enthusiasts, our roof rack mounting service helps securely install cargo boxes, bike racks, or ski mounts, ensuring everything stays in place during travel.

At GTA Wall Mounting, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch installation services that meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether it’s creating the ultimate home theater, ensuring your property is well-protected, or optimizing your workspace, our expert technicians are here to deliver seamless installations with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to bring your mounting projects to life.

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